In order to provide the best possible resources of highly qualified instructors, event management, and track availability, Inland Empire Chapter BMW CCA has agreed to support and promote the High Performance Driving School and Track Day events of Advanced Auto Fabrication in Spokane, Washington. These events are held through the driving season at Spokane County Raceway. By teaming with AAF and other regional car clubs, IEBMW CCA is able to provide its Membership with confidence that participation will be enough to hold events, and these events will be frequent enough for Members to learn and advance their skills in:

- Safety
- Understanding the handling limits of their cars
- High speed car handling skills
- Situational awareness in challenging driving scenarios
- The fun/excitement of the Ultimate Driving Machine®

Whether your goal is to learn to drive more safely and confidently on the street or develop racing skills, our program is custom tailored to each participant. Your instructor will assess your skills, set priorities, and work with you in the car.

We reserve the right to disallow cars that are unsafe or inappropriate for the purpose, but the intent is for participants to learn and practice in their own cars.


We would also like to support autocross events held by Autosports Northwest in the Spokane area. These events are varied in speed, run length, and course layout but are always challenging and exciting!
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Autosports Northwest




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Advanced Auto Fab

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Nicole Altese

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Release & Waiver

New to the Spokane track or not sure what high-performance driving is all about? Take a virtual ride in a M3 BMW.

One Lap of Spokane County Raceway