Members Everywhere!

“Wow, nice M5, wonder if he’s in the club…”  One of the first things I noticed when I started looking into how the Inland Empire Chapter works is the incredibly wide geographical area we represent.


When I look at the map, I am convinced there are members in Anchorage, or Boise, or Bozeman who have fellow members living down the street, and they don’t know it!

Many of us joined for the Roundel, but the social interaction with other enthusiasts can add another welcome dimension to club membership.  We love the cars, we want to talk about them!  We want to drive them with other BMW owners, not just alone.

So the duty of the club leadership should be to facilitate that interaction, to make sure the E36 owner in Richland can find the E92 owner in Kennewick.  This Chapter is not just the members who attend a Thursday meeting in Spokane.  There are over 380 of us!

The Facebook page is a start.  Don’t be afraid to post drives or meet-n-greets for your area.  See who shows up, and build from there!  We will also be creating some regional forums soon, for your use to make contact and look for others in your area.  These will be called “Garages”, for lack of a more creative name.  These Garages will include local Want Ad features to help network cars, parts, etc. Please watch for announcement of the kick-off of these forums…  You are all part of this club.  As a club we will try to serve your interests!  Thank you for your patience so far!

Roger Grimes, PE
Inland Empire Chapter BMWCCA

’85 735i E23 M30 “der FrankenSieben”
’95 530i E34 M60
’04 530i E60 M54